Sixt - Partner of Concorde Hotels & Resorts

Since September 2009 Sixt and Concorde Hotels & Resorts have a cooperation. This partnership is a new alliance that offers even more advantages for private individuduals as well as business people.

After a successful booking at Concorde Hotels, the customer may be forwarded to the Sixt - Concorde partnerwebsite and can choose a vehicle, perfectly tailored to his requirements at very special conditions.


Concorde Hotels & Resorts

Perfectly located in the heart of some of the key cities of the world - including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cannes, London, Nice, Paris, Prague and Tokyo - Concorde Hotels & Resorts with 30 hotels share a singular pursuit of perfection that is the mark of exceptional hospitality. A world of authentic luxury, where the special character of each city is complemented by the ultimate in refined comfort and the highest traditions in gastronomy - French savoir-faire and art de vivre.


Concorde Hotels & Resorts invite you to a refined experience while capturing the distinctive personality of each location, of each hotel. The sense of elegance is present at every moment of your travel experience.
Unlock your mind and let you be seduced with Concorde’s indigenous charms.



The uniqueness of each hotel is an invitation to discover the magic of the place. Classical yet unique, Concorde Hotels & Resorts tell its own cultural and lifetime stories. Discover the magical moments of masterpiece and let you be carried away by its charms. We invite you to travel through the centuries and discover the hidden treasures of our locations.



Our iconic hotels have always been the place where celebrations were unforgettable. A genuine place, a delightful scent, a sophisticated touch, a savory taste, a festive ambiance, celebrations at Concorde, just like it should be.

Let yourself be tempted under the spells of Concorde culinary experience. From the fine haute cuisine and wine to the savoir faire of hosting and serving, we passionately invite you for a perfect retreat.

Concorde Hotels has selected Sixt to offer rental car services through its website. Your contract for the booking of rental cars will be directly with Sixt and is separate from your purchase of a room reservation. Therefore, Concorde is not a tour operator and cannot be held liable for any service provided by Sixt.

Questions regarding your reservation? Call 01805 - 25 25 25