Renting cars & doing good!

Regine Sixt, honoured with Hadassah’s Citizen of the World Award, offers a special opportunity for doing good: 10 % of every car rent which is booked via the Hadassah website will be donated from Sixt to the Hadassah Medical Care Center in Jerusalem!

Sixt is present in 105 countries and 3.500 locations. The car rental company was founded 1912 in Munich. In the same year Henrietta Szold started Hadassah in New York City. Today Sixt operates a fleet of more than 200.000 cars and cooperates with the frequent flyer programs of 70 airlines like El Al’s Matmid Program. (Auf jeweilige Airline individuell formulieren – US-Airlines!)

Regine Sixt is chairman of the honorary board of Hadassah Germany and also the president  of her own Children’s Aid Foundation  Drying little Tears. She made it her business to offer children in need a better life. She has been living the Hadassah spirit by installing a school for hospitalized children in the Hadassah Medical Care Center on Mount Scopus.

Regine Sixt is the first and ever woman receiving the Citizen of the World Award 2010 which was given to her by Nancy Falchouk, the national president of Hadassah, and Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef. In recent years, Shimon Peres, Richard Gere, Zubin Mehta and Harry Belafonte were honoured with this prestigious award.

Mazal tov to Hadassah and Sixt for this cooperation in the years to come with the combined family of Hadassah and Sixt!




Regine Sixt