Mille Miglia & SIXT – A true partnership of passion and tradition

Once upon a time, a fairytale became true…


Back in 1912, a pioneer named Martin Sixt had the visionary idea of starting up a company strictly dedicated to providing the most exclusive services “on wheels”.


Ever since cars have been rented, SIXT has been renting cars. Driven by a true pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit he founded a company called Bavarian Traveller, operating out of a small garage in Downtown Munich. Initially he ran the business with a fleet of only two Mercedes-Benz and one Deutz Laundelet de Luxe.


In 1927, the year of the first Mille Miglia, Martin Sixt handed the reins over to his son Hans Sixt. The fleet was now growing and included the finest cars such as an 8-cylinder Isotta Fraschini and a 6-cylinder Renault. From 1929 on Hans added Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars to the vehicle offer.


By 1943 all his cars were confiscated but Hans Sixt was smart enough to hide three of the cars in a cow stable in the Bavarian countryside. These cars were then rescued to become the foundations of what is considered a German successful business story. In 1969 his son Erich Sixt followed his father Hans in the management of the company. Years later I married Erich, and together, we started building an international car rental company; always based in innovation, unique ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. This was the perfect recipe to built to a global leading car rental company.


Time passed and Sixt continued growing, becoming the largest mobility service provider in Germany followed by Austria and Switzerland. Expanding in Europe was first a mission and then a reality by becoming a key player in all Western and Eastern European countries.


In the late 90’s, we successfully kicked off the most aggressive and ambitious marketing strategy and franchise network; adding a large number of locations in the Americas, Africa, Australia and Asia.


The Sixt fleet around the world continues its rapid growth. At the moment  it consists of over 220,000 cars of the most renowned car makers such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, AUDI and BMW.


The hard work and determination paid off. The small company out of a garage is now present in over 100 countries, carrying the name, ideals and dreams of its founder.


I am proud to be part of the Sixt family, not only my immediate family but also the family I was able to build around the world.


Today my two sons, Alexander and Konstantin, the fourth generation of the family, continue the legacy of success with their talent and same determination.


For decades, the Sixt family has been a participant in the Mille Miglia rally. First with Erich followed by me and now our two sons. It is a family tradition filled with passion for cars. That is why Sixt adopted the slogan “Tradition meets passion”, as it describes a sentiment and a similarity in triumphant history.


For years Sixt is one of the main sponsors of Mille Miglia, providing services to all visitors, drivers, co-drivers, event organisers and to over 1000 journalists.


Sixt has a special discount for car and truck rentals worldwide throughout the year. Use it for your vacation, your business trips or simply to book cars for Mille Miglia 2013.


Happy travels!


Regine Sixt

Senior Executive V.P. Sixt International

MilleMiglia has selected Sixt to offer rental car services through its website. Your contract for the booking of rental cars will be directly with Sixt and is separate from MilleMiglia. Therefore, MilleMiglia is not a tour operator and cannot be held liable for any service provided by Sixt.

For reservations and customer service please call: Italy: +39 06 652111, UK: 0844 249 0107, USA & Canada: +1 (877) 868-2755, rest of the world:+49(0)1806-666 666 (EUR 0.20 per call from a German landline;up to EUR 0.60 per call from German mobile networks)